Congress INACOM: Vsat Systems


From July 11 to 15, took place at Skyna Hotel in Luanda, Angola, the seminar about VSAT Systems sponsored by the INACOM (Angolan Institute of Communications) and ITU (International Telecommunication Union). The Chairman of the Board of Directors INACOM Mr. Eng.º Pedro Mendes de Carvalho attended the seminar and Mr. Eng Elso Pinto led the Congress, as the keynote speaker training.

Furthermore regulator INACOM were presents the largest companies and institutions making use of VSAT systems for their activities as INAVIC (National Institute of Civil Aviation), the FAA (Angolan Armed Forces), Air Force and maritime Angola and other large private sector companies.

GLOBAL TELESAT also attended the seminar and its commercial department was represented by Mr. Paulo Coito and technical director Vsat Mr. Ivan Pizarro, who actively participated in the conference on the encapsulation of information and its transmission through VSAT and contributing to their mediations to animate and enrich the debate on the subject.