GLOBAL TELESAT is an European company with a wide experience focus in Africa also present in 4 continents. We currently represent the market leaders in our 2 main areas of activity: Satellite Telecommunications and Electronic Security Systems, where we have extensive knowledge of those technologies and experience in those sectors combined and so one highly qualified and motivated personnel.


We possess a wide understanding of IP Connectivity (VSAT, VOIP, internet/networks etc.), Satellite Connection, and Electronic Security.

Global Telesat is the first European Teleport dedicated to the RASCOM-QAF1R satellite for VSAT services and satellite broadcast. Our Teleport is installed in Alicante (Spain), and it uses exclusively theRASCOM-QAF1R satellite in C and Ku band frequencies.

The Teleport creates a new force and provides growth for the African telecommunications offering an enhanced and fast range, responsive and flexible satellite solutions thanks to the RASCOM-QAF1R pan-African coverage, at the most competitive prices.

Since May 2013, Global Telesat is the official Yahclick High-speed Internet access & broadcasting services distributor in Ka-band of the Yahsat’s Y1B satellite.

And more, the Teleport has a potential of accessing on the entire African continent providing coverage and connectivity satellite telecom solutions.


Our second principal area of business is Electronic Security, carrying out any scale of installations using a variety of applications: CCTV, Anti-Intrusion, Access Control and Fire Detection & Extinguishing, to guarantee the safety and security of your organisation, property and people.

With headquarters in Alicante (Spain) and offices in Luanda (Angola), we not only have a large experience in local/national installations in Spain, but also throughout Angola and more generally in Africa. Our knowledge of, and presence in, Angola allows us to easily import the necessary equipment into the country, which facilitates the whole design and implementation process for your electronic security installation.


Telecommunications: All we want is offer the best communication way and no matter where you are. For Global Telesat does not exist people separated by economic, geographic, social and cultural conditions.

Electronic Security: We develop projects, install and maintain electronic security systems, by looking for the best system of protection for our customers.

With Global Telesat you are assured of having qualified professionals. You are also assured to have the solutions the best adapted to your expectations and to insure the control and the safety of your staff.


  • Support & Training;
  • Service Orientation;
  • Clear organizational scheme;
  • We conducted in accordance with your needs;
  • Trained personnel;
  • The best and advanced technologies;
  • Support during and after installation;
  • Concern for quality ongoing service;
  • Your satisfaction, our priority;
  • We have sales offices in Spain and Angola;
  • Wide range of possibilities to offer a true experience in satellite communications.


  • ISP (Internet Service Provider);
  • Telecom;
  • Wisp (Wireless Internet Service Provider);
  • Resellers;
  • Agencies;
  • Professionals.