The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as drones, are ideal for aerial surveys, remote data collection, even being able to perform tasks such as the detection of water, fire, security, etc. Some application examples are:

  • Control and Fire Extinguishing
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Photo, video and aerial mapping
  • Construction and Inspections
  • Monitoring and analysis of crowds
  • Check remote locations
  • Mobility and Traffic
Altura ZenithEagle-eyeFalcon-eyeTBS DiscoveryDJI S800 EVOBird-eyePhoto-eyeBulls-eye


The Altura Zenith sets a precedent for the design of unmanned aircraft systems, by combining state of the art technology with a remarkably flat, compact and lightweight design.

Starting from scratch enabled the generation of a radically new idea: developing a multi-rotor aircraft system that can meet a wide variety of application requirements without compromising on design.

The Altura Zenith, flys tomorrow innovate today!



Max payload: 1.2 Kg

Max flight time: 50 min

Max wind speed: Up to 9 m/s

Max cruise speed: 20 m/s

Max take-off weight: 5.2 Kg

Battery: 22V – 20000 mAh

Weather: Dry to light rain or snowfall

Average cruise speed: 5 m/s (Adjust.)


Max payload: 3 Kg

Max flight time: 35 min

Max wind speed: Up to 14 m/s

Max cruise speed: 20 m/s

Max take-off weight: 7.8 Kg

Battery: 22V – 20000 mAh

Weather: Dry to light rain or snowfall

Average cruise speed: 5 m/s (Adjust.)


Eagle-Eye is a modern Drone equipped with six rotors and a GPS for accurate predefined path flying. The GPS also enables the pilot to hover close to high obstacles.

The Eagle-Eye Drone is distinguished by its high quality flight capabilities, security and strength. It is equipped with a fail-safe mechanism that enables the Drone to return to base and land independently if communication is lost with the ground transmitter.


The Falcon eye was especially designed for prolonged flight time and can stay in the air around 45 minutes. The engines are dust and watertight meaning that this Drone can fly in the rain as well as on the beach. In addition, it is designed to be operated with a wind force of up to 6 Beaufort points.

It is equipped with a fail-safe mechanism thus if any other problems occur, such as loss of communication it will return back to its start position and will land autonomously/on its own. The camera used is a 24 Megapixels camera that yields high quality and ultra-sharp images and details.


Falcon-Eye is extremely suitable for working close to high voltage transmission lines and turbines. The manufacturer tested Falcon-Eye in the laboratory at the Technical University of Dresden operating Falcon-Eye in an environment of high electromagnetic interference.


The TBS Discovery is one of the smallest multi-rotor drones of the market. It is equipped with a Go-Pro camera to record full HD movies or to create 11 Megapixels of still photography.


Thanks to it’s small size the Discovery is extremely well suited to carry out (indoor) inspections in small confined spaces.

The Discovery is ideal for filming, since it can fly through objects to create stunning shots.


The DJI S800 EVO is hex-copter (6 rotors) equipped with a revolutionary system built like the Zenmuse (Camera mount). This compensates for all small movements of the Drone in the air and stabilises a final clear image in the video.


A nice feature is the retractable landing gear that makes it possible to film a full 360 degree arc whilst in the air.


Bird-Eye is an unmanned aircraft equipped with a camera that is used to photograph large areas or long infrastructural projects. The photographs typically have a resolution varying between 3 and 10 cm (GSD). When a photo is taken, the position and orientation is automatically recorded thus enabling an automated process of orthophoto tiles, digital ground models for large volume calculations or images for 3D mapping.


Bird-Eye is only flies below cloud cover making it more flexible than traditional manned aerial surveys.


Photo-Eye is a self-developed photogrammetric system for a manned aircraft. With Photo-Eye we can now provide photogrammetric mapping services in dense urban areas, airport control zones and for major highways.


The system was build using a special for aviation approved GPS receiver and antenna in combination with a 22 Megapixels DSLR camera and navigation software. This software enables the pilot to fly along pre-defined lines.

It captures overlapping images with a very high interval rate taken at the area to be mapped. Which in combination with ground control points a 3D digital terrain model can be produced as well as a seamless ortho-photo mosaic.


Bulls-Eye is a 360 degree mobile panoramic street view camera. Six images are simultaneously taken from different angles. It’s position and orientation is computed with the aid of the inbuilt GPS system. A central processing unit then stitches all the images together to create a 360 degree panorama image.

Bulls-Eye can create images taken from a car, a backpack, on a bicycle or even on a boat.