Electronic Security

Seguridad electrónicaPonemos a su disposición las últimas tecnologías para garantizar la seguridad y protección de su organización, personal y propiedades. Electronic SecurityWe offer the latest technologies to ensure the safety and protection of their organization, staff and property. Sécurité électronique Nous offrons les dernières technologies pour assurer la sécurité et la protection de leur organisation, le personnel et les biens. Segurança Eletrônica Nós oferecemos as mais recentes tecnologias para garantir a segurança e proteção de sua organização, o pessoal e da propriedade.

Our other principal area of business is Electronic Security, carrying out any scale of installations using a variety of applications: CCTV, Anti-Intrusion, Access Control and Fire Detection & Extinguishing, to guarantee the safety and security of your organisation, property and people.

With headquarters in Alicante, Spain and offices in Luanda, Angola we not only have a large experience in local/national installations in Spain, but also throughout Angola and parts of Africa. Our knowledge of, and presence in, Angola allows us to easily import the necessary equipment into the country which facilitates the whole design and implementation process for your electronic security installation.

Our partners manufacture and distribute the highest quality equipment that uses the latest technologies, which exist in the market. This ensures a professional installation for maximum security and protection.

In the following sections, you can find the various products we utilise in our installations, accompanied by the relevant catalogues.