Detection and fire fighting

In accordance to the latest regulations, we can design, install and put a network of detection and the extinction of fires operational suited to any kindof enclosure and (or) building.


What can Global Telesatdo for you in regards to fire Extinctions?

Global Telesat designs, installs, integrates and maintains solutions of detection and fire extinctions. Our analog and conventional detectors are easy to install and maintain in accordance with the latest regulations. Preventing the loss of your estate and property and protect your assets and your loved ones.

Global Telesat commercializes a product line in accordance to EC standards that certify and guarantees reliability.

We train our clients to be able to use our products well and while making good use of our service and in order to gain complete protection.

Our designs and installations of systems for preventing and fighting fires are personalized, with skilled engineers and accompanied by our engineers, insuring that you will always have the best solution “turnkey”.

Due to our experience and knowledge in the field, we install and work in a serious and professional way, using a methodology of control and quality:

  • Study of viability, design and execution.
  • Exhaustive test and taxation.
  • Certification of installation of competent service.
  • Scheduled maintenance in according to standards.