Enterprise solutions

Enterprises and Corporate Connectivity: Through our alliance with Rascomstar-QAF, Global Telesat offers solutions for critical business applications which need to be secure with high-speed connections.

With a single, integrated IP network that merges VOIP, data video and supports all business applications, your enterprise or organization will work in anyplace, anytime.


  • Greater efficiencies;
  • Lower operating costs;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Faster and more secure transactions.

Solution Overview:

Global Telesat and Rascomstar-QAF technology permit to support critical IP applications across the enterprise. We provide the essential integration across terrestrial and satellite networks and platforms.

We believe that the advanced technology like VoIP, VPN, streaming media, Internet access or data backup, are an essential part of global enterprise networks, enabling workers to connect, collaborate and share information with any company or person in anywhere in the world.

Using the iDirect Intelligent Platform™, an IP-based satellite communications system engineered, we can deliver quality broadband connectivity wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Thereby our satellite communications is capable of achieving; transforming satellite’s ‘reach’ into a mainstream solution able to extend high-speed, secure connectivity to any geographic place, environment or communications application within the enterprise.

The Intelligent Platform is a key driver in evolving the VSAT market by helping our customers optimize networks, reduce costs, differentiate service, enter into new markets, and grow revenue.

We provide 24-hour technical support and interactive support system based on tickets.

We offer you a lot of possibilities:


In an Electronic banking era, the financial institutions can trust in Global Telesat satellite solutions to transform their organizations into efficient and reactive enterprises.

With the Vsat technology and right application, banks are able to reduce the effective downtime to conduct financial transactions on a reliable Internet.

Satellite connections offer availability up to more than 99% 24 hours non-stop, reliability and speed of installation and commissioning work guaranteeing effective and accurate information and providing to the banking industry, a solid infrastructure, efficiently, fast and secure.

Energy: Oil & Gas

Global Telesat offers high speed VSAT for expanding energy companies that are seeking for new oil and gas fields in remote and inaccessible places. The transmission system provides a wide range of real-time information: information on drilling, seismic, etc.


  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Power line Monitoring
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
  • Communication to Drilling Sites


  • Superior Availability;
  • Reduced Data Acquisition;
  • Cycles;
  • Easy Installation;
  • Minimal Maintenance;
  • Secure Transmissions;
  • Links Inaccessible Sites;
  • Extremely Cost Effective.
Public Sector

The public sector should plan a reliable and affordable communication networks considering that there are areas of difficult access.

VSAT enables many different applications within the public sector: allows small sized populations, in remote and isolated sites may have telephone and Internet at affordable prices.


  • Applications for telemedicine;
  • Networking of agencies;
  • Broadcast radio and television;
  • Emergency Services.
Operators Partners

The broadband Internet market continues to expand and new opportunities arise in different areas. VSAT Systems provides a solution developed to be flexible, specifically to help the developing countries communications.

Global Telesat has a unique approach: we believe the best way to expand our network is nominating new partners.

We offer worldwide connectivity to our local, regional, and global satellite operator partners. We can provide Satellite Bandwidth Services in any scale capacity or frequency band at most locations worldwide.


Global Telesat is pleased to offer you world class SCPC VSAT, SCPC / SCPC, SCPC / DVB systems to serve your business needs in high speed broadband access to the Internet.

Satellite Internet services on Eutelsats’ W3A and the Alicante’s Teleport, cover sub-Saharan Africa. We Partner as well, with the T11N satellite, to provide you cost effective, flexible, easy manageable and we offer reliable bandwidths anywhere across Africa. ISPs to provide bandwidth in rural remote locations using IP trunking from us.

We have a Hub based in Europe, which provide basic connectivity with the iDirect Evolution modem, and we can connect large and local businesses to the Internet through a simple Vsat setup.


VSAT: Deployment for Development.

Different sectors use VSAT that’s the case for example of non-governmental organizations, various government departments and agencies.

With increasing frequency and complexity of humanitarian crises in developing countries, there is an augment in the number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which provide humanitarian aid.

For these NGOs, communication plays a vital role in minimizing the damage done by disasters.

With a VSAT, NGOs are able to collect, analyse and disseminate critical information, offering effective responses, for example, to save more lives. VSAT deployment is a typical option for obtaining access to larger communications network and the Internet for organizations operating in remote areas.

We provide communications for hospitals, schools and education to local communities to help children, for example.


Global Telesat offers specialized services for the construction and engineering by adapting its range of communication solutions for individual needs.

Our VSAT solutions support applications such as VOICE IP, video conferencing and data are shared using a bandwidth efficiently across multiple sites through the adoption of our latest QoS, prioritization and acceleration techniques.

In addition, Global Telesat offers a range of mobile VSAT solutions, which provide a fast connection, easy to operate, with bandwidth on demand for VOICE IP, video and data applications.

To complete our services, we have a system of 24 x 7 online supports in providing monitoring and maintenance for VSAT’s network. With technical staff and network monitoring, Global Telesat is committed to providing communications infrastructure uncompromising in any remote area.

Vsat Installers

Global Telesat would like to introduce the leading VSAT installers in Africa. A team of professionals who manage a very big network, with its VSAT Hubs based in Alicante (Spain).

Our VSAT Hubs are on C-Band and KU-Band. We have 24 hrs technical supports and ticketing system.

Our VSAT system and services are very stable and hardly will you encounter system failure.

Bandwidth Operators

VSAT operators, dependent on the provision of broadband connectivity, are experiencing a complete transformation of business strategy to a solutions based approach.

Global Telesat covers applications of customers in all regions of Africa and focusing on the promotion of the latest technologies for any industry or business.

If you need to know how to connect your business with new technologies and changes in the market, Global Telesat will meet your needs.


We provide communication services to developing countries by providing standard networks based on VSAT systems.

With a great variety of Internet connectivity services, Global Telesat has a flexible service package to effectively and reliably deliver the connection our customers need.

We have successfully completed VSAT and Telecom project management for multinational telecom customers.

Government and Military

VSAT can be applied to government and military networks. The Vsat systems may be introduced in the communications architecture for military and governments requirements; using a star topology with communications between a command centre and many others camps for example.

For military and government, Global Telesat offers comprehensive and cost effective connectivity solutions that integrate the most current technologies into systems and networks.


VSAT: enhanced education. Isolated and low income communities may end their isolation through satellite based solutions that may be cost-effective and provide a reliable flow of education materials, teacher training, and communications.

VSAT can be used in a “mesh” topology with each education site (school or Tele centre) capable of both transmission and reception of data, to or from any other site in the mesh. In this way, learning materials both for students and teacher training can flow in any direction within the system. Video and sound are also possible but depend on the complementary infrastructure, not just on the VSAT system.

Aeronautical Connectivity

The telecommunications market is reaching new types of customers who require their applications anywhere and anyway.

The aeronautical sector is the main one involving a mobile terminal, where multiple earth stations should operate simultaneously to communicate one ground based facility with a single airplane. The satellite communication is the better solution. With only one earth transmitter will effectively communicate with the airplane, the other stations will waste their time and energy.


  • Allows ground air contact;
  • Direct connection to permit Air Traffic Control (ATC);
  • Solutions for telemetry applications;
  • We can facilitate the exchange of information between international departments, in order to provide the best air traffic management;
  • Increase of security for both: the international and domestic passengers.
Cellular Backhaul

With Global Telesat you can operate in areas where terrestrial capacity is unavailable, unreliable, costly or simply not convenient for expansion: you can evade terrestrial network limitations and expand your wireless network with Global Telesat’s Cellular Backhaul service.

Our services are flexible, scalable and highly reliable that allows you to expand your coverage and reach more potential customers.

Global Telesat can help you extend your network to offer better service, supporting new applications and reaching out to new customers with a specially fit wireless solution.


  • End-to-end satellite connectivity;
  • Supports multiple services: Internet access, data, VOICE IP, content delivery;
  • Dynamic resource allocation;
  • Simple and economical network expansion;
  • Cost-effective equipment configurations in a flexible, scalable platform;
  • 24/7 multilingual customer supports.


  • Extends the reach of cellular networks to new geographic zones;
  • Saves up to 70% on CAPEX and OPEX, compared to other solutions;
  • Independent technology provider;
  • Efficient utilization of space segment resources;
  • Optimization of cellular traffic;
  • Support a wide range of additional broadband IP services.
Maritime Connectivity

Global Telesat offer to ship owners a reliable, cost-effective maritime broadband communication solution.

With our maritime satellite services, we can cover all major shipping routes and provide guaranteed High Quality Service.


  • Commercial operations on course with the precision, versatility, and reliability;
  • Enjoy high quality, consistent, always on broadband data connections;
  • A solution for easy connections to shipboard networks: with no compromise in performance and a remarkable reduction in the cost of hardware and installation.