Global Telesat becomes a Satellite Network Operator in Africa


We are in the unique position of being able to offer internet connectivity across southern-Africa from a single base.


Africa is currently experiencing a growth in desire for connectivity and without the current infrastructure in place, approx. 70% of people are unable to be connected via traditional cabled means. Satellite internet is able to connect large and local businesses to the internet through a simple VSAT setup and provides all the advantages of terrestrial based cable.


With our Satellite Network Operator and our network of partners your organisation is now on the brink of being able to communicate across the globe. Even more important today as the internet becomes the leading communicator vehicle and principal channel for data transfer.


We have partnered with leading organisations at the forefront of the internet satellite industry to be able to provide you Satellite Network Operator internet services on Eutelsats’ W3A, covering southern-Africa.


Partnering, as well, to provide T11N satellite coverage, we can extend our coverage across the whole of Africa.