EXPO TIC’S LUANDA/ANGOLA: Global Telesat’s nomination as one of the best company in the “Business Solutions” category


Luanda 16-19 May 2013, EXPO TIC’S Angola

With around 5,000 visitors and 100 companies exhibiting, EXPO TIC’s Angola is the most important International Feria celebrated in Angola. During this feria, the products and the news of the Information and Communications Technology sector (ITC) have been presented. Conferences, presentations and shows have fulfilled the objective of creating a link between public and professionals with the aim of deepening the knowledge of each people in the ITCs.

The participation of huge/big companies’ representative of the Telecommunication world like Mutlitel, Inacom, Angola Telecom or Unitel, demonstrate the scope of the event. Besides, we have to highlight the presence of the Angolan Prime Minister of the Telecommunication, the minister of the industry and some state secretary at the inauguration of the exposition.

Expo_ango_tic_2013_2During the closing gala, Global Telesat has been one of the nominated companies to get the price Expo Tic in the category “Enterprise Solutions”.

Over these three days, Global Telesat had been present and had done shows on live about their rural telephony, VSAT and Electronic Security systems. The EXPO TIC’s Angola had been an excellent opportunity for Global Telesat because this allows it to demonstrate its skills in Telecommunication’s systems and strengthen its position in Angola.

VSAT System: On February 2012, Global Telesat and RascomStar signed a partnership to the sale of Internet service per satellite. Global Telesat is the first European Teleport on the Rasacom-QAF1R satellite.
Rural Telephony: Global Telesat can provide you its telephony services in hard-to-reach rural areas. This method allows the most underserved areas of Africa to receive Voice IP, Video and data.

Expo_ango_tic_2013Electronic Security: Global Telesat exposed its high-quality equipment for maximum security and a protection in the sectors of CCTV, intrusion & detection and fire extinction.

Video with a African dance choreography presented by Global Telesat in its booth during the exposition ANGO TIC’s to pay tribute to the Minister.

Conference video of GT by Jerome Poucin and Ivan Pizarro about its systems of rural telephony