Combining satellite and mobile data communications to provide connectivity for Africa


In Africa, millions of people are living in areas where the Internet is slow, unstable and saturated and where it is doubful that telcos will ever build better networks as the revenue potential does not balance the cost of additional infrastructure.
You, along millions of people are looking for a good quality internet connection at high speed. Indeed, they live in areas where the internet is slow, unstable and satured.
Rascom, Forsway and Global Telesat have developed a practical and cost-effective solution to provide data and Internet access to underserviced African users in areas where mobile data networks ae simply not good enough.
Customers (private homes, SME offices, Government offices, Internet Cafes, hotels and guest houses, health clinics, schools…) can now be connected through our infrastructure (see below). A managed service, supported 24/7, is provided through the joint offering.
  • By extending the mobile network infrastructure with services by satellite to local customers, broadband access may be offered
  • All downstream data trafic (downstream) is routed via satellite
  • All the upstream data trafic of the users goes through the existing mobile network
  • At the head of the network, a proxy server performs gateway (Gateway), subscriver, traffic, security, access point management, and BSS fuctions management.


To access the managed service, the end user only needs a DTH antenna, a universal LNB and the CPE Router (modem) “Odin” provided by Forsway.
The installation is easy, anyone who can deploy a satellite TV dish can install the equpment.


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