Our added values

Our internet services advantages:

  1. No limitation:
    • No volume limitation
    • No traffic limitation
    • No port restriction
    • No application restriction and all application allowed
  2. The only limitation is speed according to the product choose.

  3. No voice IP restriction:
    • Global Telesat does not restrict your Voice IP choice allowing you to use any Voice IP provider system configuration.
    • You can use any Email service.
  4. No SMTP restriction:
  5. You can receive and send email messages with any service, corporate email friendly.

  6. No FUP or CAPPED restriction:
    • Global Telesat’s service is not capped and no fair user policy is implemented, except if requested by the client applied through our own uniquely designed intermediary server appliance “GTW” offering a smooth, faster and, most importantly, secure network.
    • “GTW” is designed to be an “all-in-one” router, firewall, proxy and bandwidth manager offering a network working up to 40% quicker.
  7. Full routed public fixed IP adresses
  8. Until 1500 simultaneous connections:
  9. The iDirect Evolution technology allows up to 1500 simultaneous connections despite other satellite platform allowing you to share your internet connection among dozens of computers, handleds, phone devices, etc.

Dedicated customer services:

  • Quality of services (QoS)
  • Hosting / Maintenance of Customer Furnished equipment
  • Site survey, installation and commissioning of remote stations worldwide
  • Frequency coordination & line-up of antennas
  • Consulting and Training
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)