Our Intermediary Server

Our own uniquely designed intermediary server appliance offers a smooth, faster and, most importantly, secure network. Designed to be an “all-in-one” router, firewall, proxy and bandwidth manager:

  • Optimises bandwidth (especially with satellite connections) and is incredibly secure, with QoS from level 2 to level 7 decided by the user;
  • Reserves or dedicates bandwidth to specific applications (e.g. Video-conferencing, VOIP);
  • Acting as a proxy, the network works up to 40% quicker.

Features and advantages:

  • A secure, stable and highly configurable Linux based firewall;
  • Easy administration through the built in web server and ssh;
  • A DHCP client that allows GTW to, optionally, obtain its IP address from your ISP;
  • A DHCP server that can help configure machines on your internal network;
  • A caching DNS proxy, to help speed up Domain Name queries;
  • A web caching proxy, to speed up web access;
  • An intrusion detection system to detect external attacks on your network;
  • The ability to partition your network into a safe, network protected from the Internet, a network for your wireless LAN and a DMZ or a network containing publicly accessible servers, partially protected from the Internet;
  • A VPN facility that allows you to connect your internal network to another network across the Internet, forming a single logical network or to securely connect PCs on your wireless, network to the wired network;
  •  Traffic shaping capabilities to give highest priority to interactive services such as ssh and telnet, high priority to web browsing, and lower priority to bulk services such as FTP;
  • Improved VPN support with x509 certificates, allowing tunnelling between dynamic IP peers.

We have a lot of add-ons for extended functions, so just ask us for the most interesting to you.